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HUB.NRW -100% Premium Quality Products Made in India

euHUB is your extended arm into the EU Market

  • Pooled Resources

    Instead of 100s of seperate companies with huge financial efforts for each individual we bundle and cannalize these efforts to achieve the highest impact.

    euHUB is exclusively aimed at and reserved for small and midsize export companies (from the FMCG sector) from India, with 100% Made in India Products.

  • Consistent strategic approach

    Till today none of the big Indian FMCG Brands has made its way onto the shelves of the EU mainstream retail chains, although demand is there.

    There are several reasons for this, which can not all be listed here. However, one major reason is the comparatively unstructered way, how Indian Brands are normally entering the EU market:

    Different importes from different EU countries import the same brand from India. Price competiton (finally resulting in price dellution) and inconsistent appearance and marketing is the regular consequence. At this point its already too late, and the brand will not be touched by mainstream markets.

  • Less Risk for the individual company

    We know the exact market requirements and buying behaviour of the European customers.

    Let our professionals handle everything. Branding, CRM, Social Media, professional Listings AND physcial distribution.

    You can benefit from interesting margins, without having all the risks and headaches usually arising when entering new markets.

  • Results instead of theoretical strategies

    Our approach is based on practical experience.

    Hence we keep your products in our warehouses in Germany for quick delivery to Endcustomers and B2B Buyers.

    We are acitvely selling on all large European Platforms for more than 10 years and served several thousands of customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Greece and many more countries within Europe and the EU.

    Specially for the food segment a combination of Online Selling (Amazon Europe etc.) and access to stationary retail is important.

    Together with strong partners we will be in the position to get access to a large number of stationary shops within well established retail chains in 2022.

  • Multichannel Distribution

    We are registered with all major platforms in Germany and Europe since many years.

    As we have a central warehouse, we can easily shift stocks from one platform to another.

    Today Amazon is the largest and fastest growing platform in Europe. Most of the Amazon endcustomers prefer to buy products which are offered within the Amazon FBA programme. These products are sent to Amazon warehouses in Europe by the seller itself, after preparing the products and packaging exactley according to Amazon standards. Accordingly Amazon can dispatch the item directly after an items was ordered. Normally customers will have their order with 24-48 hours. However, not for all products Amazon is the most effective platform. Hence it is 100% under our control also to serve customers on other platforms.

and an all-in-one solution and entry to the EU market.

For Indian brands, small and medium-sized companies with Quality Products.

Location: NRW, Germany (State of North Rhine Westphalia)


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), among others:

  • Food Products: Pickles, Cooking Pastes, Ready to eat mixtures, Ready to cook mixtures, Snacks, Papadams, Spices etc.

  • Home & Living : Decoration (e.g. Furniture Knobs, Hooks), Hardware

  • Garments / Textiles (Basic items like men's Boxer Shorts, T-Shirts, Socks etc.)

  • Herbals

  • Ayurvedic / Organic Beauty Products

  • Soft Drinks

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 +49(0)1525 5941 796  HUB.NRW - EUIndia Invest GmbH - 45475 Mülheim - Germany
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